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hydrogen-powered tram

China unveils most unique first hydrogen-powered tram

China has introduced the world’s first hydrogen- powered tram. Lian Jianying, chief engineer of Sifang Co., a subsidiary of Southern Railways Corporation of China, said that ... Continue Reading →

8 most common ways Smart-watch put your life at ease

Yet it is not something that everyone knows, but gradually smartwatches are making their entry into society, in stores, and the wishes of many Android users. I’ll share you below ... Continue Reading →

The best free apps to save battery on your Android

The biggest problem with the current smartphones is much battery consumption. Today, I propose several apps that will help increase the battery of your Android Smartphone. 1. GreenPower ... Continue Reading →
old smartphone usage

7 Things you can do to make use of your old Smartphone

With the development of technology and the rise of smartphones, each sees for more advanced technology; we tend to have latest Mobiles available in the market; it is very possible ... Continue Reading →

Are you in quest of some best ‘Android Apps’ to edit your videos?

Our today’s content is useful for all those who are in quest of some best ‘Android Apps’ to edit their videos. By using these apps you can edit your video from your Android device ... Continue Reading →

What’s hot to know about ‘Apple Watch’, price and its availability…

One of the important details that Apple did not fully disclose is submitting about its Apple Watch, its price and availability. But that information is no longer a secret in Cupertino. ... Continue Reading →

Microsoft makes an announcement regarding Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL

Forget the unofficial announcements or accidental leaks – here Microsoft has officially announced the Lumia 640 and Lumia smartphones XL 640, so you can be sure that people who ... Continue Reading →

Do you think that Nokia N1 can bring back the company to glory days?

Mostly people think that Nokia Company is not dead, though they never tried this brand phones themselves. However on its way to reinventing itself in the market, the first step is ... Continue Reading →

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

Samsung has unveiled 2 version of Galaxy S6, and like before one has the curved edge, so that one is known as Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. After lots of rumour Samsung has revealed it ... Continue Reading →

Know the E-Learning Trends to Follow in 2015

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