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Android 5 lollipop

Changes made in Android 5.0 Lollipop

It’s not been long when Android Lollipop has been introduced, which is the next version of Android OS after Android 4.4 Kitkat. Nexus devices have become the first to get Android ... Continue Reading →
Nokia N1

Nokia N1: An amazing tablet with Android lollipop

Nokia recently sold its handset business to Microsoft, and now we will see the first Android tablet from the company, Nokia N1. This Android tablet has been set to be released in the ... Continue Reading →
samsung flexible display

Samsung will present flexible display

Samsung Display, the division of the company that is responsible for manufacturing the screens of the Korean company has confirmed to present a flexible screen in the late 2015 for ... Continue Reading →
make money with google

Make money staying at home through Google

Google is one of the most well known names on the internet as almost everybody uses it on a daily basis to perform various searches. However, a number of people do not know that they ... Continue Reading →

Asus G551 and G771, two laptops for gamers

The gamers need special computers that can perform well and have great graphcs. Asus has introduced two new models of laptop that has been made specially for gamers, seeking mobility ... Continue Reading →
Asus Zenbook NX500

Asus Zenbook NX500 with 4K touchscreen

After presenting the Asus Zenbook UX303 , the Taiwanese company (Asus) has unveiled its latest creation in the market for high-end laptops: the Asus Zenbook NX500. We are talking ... Continue Reading →
content writing

Can we trust free Plagiarism checker?

Plagiarism checker service is very important for any blogger in the world, not even bloggers but there are people from other fields as well who check the uniqueness of the content ... Continue Reading →
mobile got wet

What to do if your electric device or mobile get wet?

When a Smartphone, a mobile phone, or any electronic device gets wet, it is likely that water is devastating to the device. We have a short space of time; however, we can act and try ... Continue Reading →
Verkool S5511 and S5510

InfoSonics has released two new smartphones: Verykool® s5510 and s5511

InfoSonics is not a well known brand like Apple or Samung, but it launches smartphones at affordable prices, and this month they have released 2 new models: Verykool® S5511 and S5510. These ... Continue Reading →
galaxy a7

Samsung Galaxy A7: All technical specs

Samsung Galaxy A7 features have started to leak, and now have revealed virtually all their technical specifications. Earlier just the display feature was leaked and we knew that the Screen ... Continue Reading →