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Sony image

PS4 and Amazing Spider Man 2 Saved Sony’s Ass

Sony recorded a higher net profit than expected during the second quarter of the year. Thanks to the sales of its new game console Playstation 4 and the blockbuster “The Amazing ... Continue Reading →
google Nexus 6

Are you waiting for Google Nexus 6?

If you are waiting for Google Nexus 6, your might need to wait little longer. Earlier, we heard many rumors that Google might not come up with Nexus 6 or will no longer will work with ... Continue Reading →
amazon loses business

Amazon reported huge loss despite 23% increase in sales

There is a saying that grass always looks green from the distance, and this is what we all think. People do think that Amazon, being an Online Shopping and Cloud service provider, must ... Continue Reading →
HP Pavilion 10z

HP Launches Pavilion 10z, A Touch Laptop

HP has just launched a new touch laptop “Pavilion 10z.” This is one of the first portable machines on new processors AMD Mullins. AMD Mullins was launched by AMD some ... Continue Reading →
Mobiles on fire

Samsung Galaxy S4 and Xiaomi Mi2S are on fire

It doesn’t matter what brand of mobile phone you use, whether it’s Samsung or Apple, any phone can catch fire due to hardware issues (especially battery). A thirteen years ... Continue Reading →
beautiful Apple store

Apple devices and OS in 2014

Apple is known for its innovation and great design. There are so many companies in the tech industries, they sell good devices, like mobiles and laptops at far cheaper price than Apple, ... Continue Reading →
internet consumption featured image

An infographic about the internet consumption around the world

  We live in the age where life without internet seems to be worthless. Here is an infographic from International Business Guide about the internet consumption around the world. Continue Reading →
zeus trojan

How to prevent the Zeus virus affects your WhatsApp?

The Trojan is a dangerous virus, can steal personal data such as passwords or banking information, in the same way, these days Zeus virus ( a form of Trojan)is also getting popular ... Continue Reading →

MIcrosoft says goodbye to Nokia Android based phones

  Satya Nadella’s letter includes strategic decisions that is that Microsoft is folded around the Windows ecosystem. Thus, the management announced that Nokia will leave ... Continue Reading →